Friday, 19 September 2014

Drive the latest Porsche Boxter

A true roadster is more than just a car. It’s a symbol of independence, a timeless spirit that cannot be fully explained, only experienced.
With its mid-engined layout and agile handling, the current Boxster is a car that never ceases to inspire. Innovative technologies combine with more effective direct fuel injection engines to deliver impressive fuel consumption and surprisingly low emissions, ensuring it is the most efficient and powerful roadster we have ever built.

The only way to truly appreciate the Boxster is to drive one and we are delighted to invite you to take a demonstration drive for with us. During your drive you will be accompanied drive by a Porsche Driving Consultant, a specialist in advanced road, rally and circuit driving, who will help you explore and understand the car’s technology and handling.

Despite the level of development in technology in this latest car, the Boxster still remains financially accessible and to see how, for further information or to book your demonstration drive, please contact our Sales Department on 01534 497722 or email:

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