Monday, 12 May 2014

Jacksons Falcons and Jacksons Phoenix win...

Match Reports - 11th May 2014 

The weather was anything but dry, yet the sun was shining on Division 1 Jacksons Falcons and Division 2 Jacksons Phoenix on the first day of the 2014 Jersey Softball season. Both sides notching up wins and getting their campaigns off to the best possible start. Whilst Phoenix had secured the points by forfeit and played out the match as friendly thereafter, Falcons lined up against the Overall Association champions and long undefeated Dominion Niners to fight for their points.

In spite of never having beaten the Niners in any previous meetings, the Jacksons Falcons took to the field in high spirits. Fielding first, the Falcons reaped the rewards of their Winter game-time and training regime, as the Niners opened with a deep drive into right field, which was swiftly retrieved and the run halted at 3rd. The Jacksons Falcons picked up the pace quickly, and in spite of solid hitting from the Niners, were able to cut short runs from all areas of the out-field. Niners managed to bring 4 runs in, with the Falcons then taking three tags to close out the Niners assault.

At bat, the Falcons started somewhat tentatively, but were progressing nicely round the bases, before Falcons Ric Pedro smashed the first of his 2 home runs, evening the Niners tally before the innings close. Niners pulled out a lead of one in the Second innings, with the teams appearing fairly evenly matched, with little in the way of defensive gaps to exploit. By the 3rd, the Falcons had found their groove and shut the Niners down without score, before launching into a spectacular turn at bat, mixing solid base hitting with powerful drives into the out-field and pushing in 11 runs before the Niners could stem the flow, with Paulo dos Reis taking 2 triples, Gary Coleman hitting a triple, and Pedro taking his second home run in a dream innings for the Jacksons side.

With a comfortable lead to defend, the Jacksons Falcons switched to a more defensive play, managing the gap to their opponents in spite of some tremendous strength through the Niners ranks, with dos Reis, Pedro, Robin Tadier, Rochelle Gardiner and Laura Poingdestre taking some important catches to keep the Niners at bay.

Whilst the Niners did begin to close in in the latter stages of the game, the Jacksons side appeared in control and unflustered throughout. Cruising into the7th, the Falcons closed the game in style, taking 3 outs from 4 at bats without score, taking the victory 20 - 14 with a bat in hand. An excellent start to the season.

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