Friday, 16 November 2012

Ladies' Night

JACKSONS hosted a special ladies-only event last week, organised by women for women.
Recently appointed Mini and BMW sales executive Carly-Zia Davis welcomed the guests and shared hosting duties with Shani Clark, of Advisa Hepburn Financial Consultants, who was able to offer advice on investments and pensions.

After a champagne welcome and introduction, the ice was broken with a few games, taxing the brain with questions on statistics relating to women and identifying from a line-up of men what type of car they drove, to the fun and physical challenge of attempting to break the world record for how many people could be squeezed into a Mini. The record of 26 remained intact, but 16 was a pretty good effort. The evening ended with a fashion show presenting the latest trends by Ellis Collections.
Carly-Zia said: ‘It was an amazing evening. We had a really good turn-out and a relaxed and enjoyable time. The feedback has been very positive.
‘I wanted to get the message across that I am here to help and advise women when it comes to buying a car. This business is still male-dominated and some women customers would be more comfortable talking to and dealing with another woman.
‘Cars are more customisable than ever and I can help choose the right brand, design and trim level to suit individual wants and needs. I am genuinely dedicated to making sure a customer’s next purchase is
Carly-Zia said that the evening was likely to be repeated early next spring.

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