Friday, 23 November 2012

Children in Need 'Bike-a-thon' - £3,000 Raised!

I am very pleased to announce that we have raised an astonishing amount of money from last weeks Children In Need Fun day at Jacksons. The total for Jacksons Airport site is £1,562.58 from the Cake sale, Dress Down day, Bike-A-Thon and the collection buckets.
Motor-Mall also had collection buckets contributing £258.00. This brought the total to £1,820.58. And it got better - the Senior Management decided to round it up to a grand total of £3,000! Fantastic news.

A big thanks to all our staff who contributed money to this event by buying cakes and also those who sponsored their work colleagues who took part in the Bike-A-Thon with a special thanks to all those who took part in the cake baking - without your help and support we would not have achieved the amount of money we have raised.

Congratulations’ to Lee Attley, who rode the furthest distance in the 35 minute session. Lee managed to ride 25.92 km, second was Konrad at 24.6km and joint third were Robert and Dave in at 14.8 km.
Thanks to our fancy dress riders: Carly-Zia in her leopard skin, Thomas in his priest outfit and, not forgetting, our two '118 118' boys, Hugo and Marcin. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces, guys.

Cake Bakers:
Tina, Carole Williams, Sue, Julie, Linda, Angela, Linda Parish, Helen Carins, Mick Reed, Erica Tennant, Maggs, Tracey, Annika, Yvette,  Pat and Ian. 
Bike-A-Thon Team:
Konrad, Adrian, Mark, Dave, Ryan, Cameron, Alex, Richard, Carly-Zia, Thomas, Fintan, Marcin, Lee, Gersende, JP, Curtis, Hamlyn, Robert, Joe and Phillip.
Support Crew:
JP Hawkins and Mick Reed.

Looking forward to next year, hopefully bigger and better, thanks to everyone for your support.
Mick Williams

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